We are the helicopter specialists. Rotary flight is our passion.

Helitheory provides in-depth (but easy to understand) instruction for trainee pilots and instructors in the theory components of the Australian private helicopter pilot and commercial helicopter pilot licences, as well as PIRC / PMI training and aviation radio certification. We are helicopter people – we specialise in training helicopter pilots and have been doing so for years. Rotary flight and only rotary flight is our passion.

At Helitheory we possess a depth of experience in the ground-schooling of helicopter pilots. Over the past eight years, our students have achieved consistently high pass rates in the CASA exams, coming from both larger classrooms and one-on-one tuition environments.

Helitheory have run courses in Melbourne, Darwin, Perth, Cairns, Mackay, Wagga Wagga, Echuca, Orange and more – we have even run courses in Dubai!

Helitheory is a CASA-recognised training provider and have CASA-approved courses for Aviation Radio Operator’s Certification (AROC); our Chief Instructor Alex is also a CASA-delegated ELP assessor.

We are based in Sydney but run courses everywhere. Check the course dates section for a course coming up in an area near you, or send us an email info@helitheory.com.au

Products and services:

We provide ground theory training for flight schools and individual students. We specialise in private helicopter licence theory (PPL) and are the most experienced specialist helicopter PPL theory company in Australia.

We also provide ground schooling in helicopter basic aeronautical knowledge (BAK), commercial pilot licence subjects (CPL), and training for instructor ratings – particularly principles & methods of instruction (PMI) training, AROC training, and preparation for Chief Pilot interviews.

Helitheory can design and deliver crew resource management (CRM) courses to suit an organisation, and provide training and certification for aircraft radio operator certificates of (AROC) – contact us to find out more.

Helitheory has also had students needing to do revision on theoretical subjects leading up to Chief Pilot Examinations – our most recent student passed his Chief Pilot examination with a mark of 95% – a fantastic mark and one that he claims he couldn’t have got without our help. If you need to do any kind of helicopter theory revision please get in contact with us – we can help you!

Our Instructors:

At Helitheory all of the instructors are commercial helicopter pilots as well as theory tutors. The instructors can draw from their experience both in the cockpit and the classroom to offer you the best helicopter-specific training possible.

Our Chief Instructor Alex Grivas literally wrote the book on private helicopter theory and has taught hundreds of students who have gone on to become pilots over the years. Recently Alex has finished writing our Helitheory PPL textbook, available here, and is writing a textbook on civil unmanned aerial vehicles. Alex has more than ten years of experience in the helicopter industry as a commercial helicopter pilot and theory instructor.

Senior Instructor Andy Hobbs just loves aircraft! – He is passionate about flying in all forms and has a particular passion for helicopters. He has years of commercial helicopter flying experience and is also a working helicopter flight instructor, with both an Australian Grade 1 flight instructor rating and a U.S. CPL(H).

Sean Marais is our Commercial Pilot Licence specialist theory instructor, he has been a commercial helicopter pilot for many years and is a practical instructor as well as a theory trainer. Sean is a new addition to Helitheory but has been teaching CPL(H) theory over in W.A. for a long time, and we’re very excited to add him to the team!