Revision & Refreshing

It’s a familiar story – you get your licence and start flying, and some of the theory that you worked so hard to learn in order to pass the exam starts to be forgotten.

We can help. Helitheory often runs weekend refresher courses where we go over some of the more commonly forgotten aspects of the theory syllabus. Without the stress of an impending exam many students have attested to finding the courses very enjoyable, when before they just thought of the theory as a drag!

We can design a refresher course to suit your requirements, even if there is just one area you would like to revisit.

We have had several students recently who needed refresher training for a specific reason, for example an upcoming flight test, a BFR or a Chief Pilot examination. All of our students have gone on to pass their impending examinations with flying colours. Whether you need help with how to do long-hand weight and balance calculations on the AS350 or simply how to work a whiz wheel or a 1 in 60, we can help.

Send us an email for more information on how we can help you.