We are now running Principles & Methods of Instruction (PMI) courses. The PMI course is the first step in getting an instructor rating.

PMI gives a basis in learning theory – how people learn, perception, information transfer and so on. It also explores instructional techniques and good communication principles, questioning techniques, lesson planning, instructional tools and more. The PMI gives a great grounding in the basics of teaching and learning, how to help someone learn and what makes an effective instructor. Competency based training and assessment of competency is also discussed.

The course is designed for prospective helicopter flight instructors, to give a good basis in principles and methods of instruction before going on to an instructor rating. It is designed and run by our chief instructor Alex who has been involved in aviation teaching for more than seven years.

The course involves one day of class time and complies fully with CAO 40.3.7

The topics covered are:

·      Learning theory

·      Instructional techniques

·      Aids to instruction

·      Behavioural objectives

·      Lesson planning

·      Conducting a lesson and pre-flight briefing

·      Competency based training and assessment

Course cost is $450.00 including course notes and materials.

We can also run larger PMI helicopter courses that also cover a refresher in Helicopter CPL theory components and flight radio operator licence assessment standards if required, these can be tailored to the client’s needs. Email us for more info.

To find out when the next course is or to organise a PMI course in your area, you can send us an email

For aeroplane instructors, we can organise a course for fixed-wing instructor ratings. The course is two days long, consisting of twelve classroom hours, and fully complies with CAO 40.1.7 Appendix I.

We have recently updated the course to comply with new Part 61 requirements, the course includes preparation for the CASA PIRC exam.