What past students have said:

The format is absolutely brilliant . The way you have laid it out is a pleasure to read…Your package is interesting and puts a refreshing approach to study. For someone who hasn’t studied for some years I’m  finding it enjoyable.

Well done on an awesome package.

- Darren, ACT, recently purchased a PPLH self-study kit

“I enjoyed working with Chris […] I believe we got on well both professionally and personally, and had some enjoyable and interesting conversations […] I would definitely recommend your course to other PPLH students struggling to get their license. […] 10 out of 10″

-Anne, VIC, PPLH recently passed: 86%

“Thanks again Alex, there’s no way I could have done it without you!”

-John, VIC, PPLH recently passed: 78%

“Yes, I would definitely recommend the course to others, because I found Alex to be very patient and knowledgeable  […] The course dealt directly with what you had to learn […] Thanks!”

 -Barry, QLD, PPLH recently passed: 84%

” As an apprehensive, mature student, I enrolled in the Heli Theory course and I am very pleased to say I was guided through the intricacies of helicopter theory and was able to gain a good pass in this exam. I have no hesitation in recommending Heli Theory’s course to anyone considering flying helicopters. Once again, thanks Alex.”

-Rob, QLD, PPLH recently passed: 92%

“We found helitheory clases very personal and very well prepared. We enjoyed the experience with the team, they all have a great knowledge. It was an absolute pleasure, thanks again!!!”

        -Dean and Paula, QLD, both passed PPLH

“What a great way to get your head around the subjects of Heli Theory! Chris Knight really knows his stuff and what’s more, he knows how to make the learning process interesting and fun.

I really enjoyed this two week course and would recommend the HELITHEORY Australia course to anyone who is not confident in ‘self learning’ all there is to know and understand to pass the CASA theory exam for helicopters.”

Jason, NSW, recently passed PPLH 85%

This is an extract from a letter we received recently from one our past students:

“Recently I completed my intense PPL Theory […] and with particular mention [to] Chris Knight, and I elatedly passed my intense theory examinations.

What I encountered was that Chris conducted himself throughout the entirety of the course, very professionally, always providing thorough explanations and very understandable information. He presented it all in a way that made a very concentrated and overwhelming theory course into something very informative that was understandable, stimulating, absorbable and enjoyable to learn.

Once I began to relax, with Chris’s guidance it became a very gratifying learning experience. A course that I would now be able to recommend Chris and Helitheory, to anyone with a keen interest to learn.”

- Chip, QLD recently passed PPLH

‘ I am extremely pleased with the way Alex helped me complete my Heli Theory course. He explained things very well and at the same time made it as enjoyable for me as possible. And, to top it off, he was a good bloke as well’

-Shane, NSW recently obtained his PPLH

“My heartfelt thanks to Alex and the HeliTheory team for their help in getting me through the PPL theory exams. Each subject was broken down to easily understandable chunks so that the process became one of building on existing knowledge rather than an overwhelming avalanche of information.

Alex’s ability to explain concepts concisely and in a straightforward way is commendable and he has reserves of patience which meant that I never left the classroom without a good understanding of the day’s topic. Alex has a flair for teaching and his knowledge is excellent.

Importantly, Alex’s follow up has meant that I am never alone when studying remotely and his willingness to tutor at odd hours and weekends is very much appreciated. I have no hesitation in recommending Alex, HeliTheory and their course to any aspiring PPL candidate.”

- Phil, NSW. Recently obtained his PPL and is now moving on to CPL